About Us

About Us

Health Care for Children and Adults

Welcome to Knight Chiropractic!
We are committed to providing chiropractic health care to children and adults in a patient-focused environment that emphasizes patient education and supports long term, well patient care.

Clinically, our primary goal is to correct the vertebral subluxation complex. Within the framework of that goal, we provide different levels of care to patients, depending on their health goals. We can provide relief care for people interested only in acute symptomatic relief, reconstructive care for people interested in making significant changes in their health, and maintenance care for people who want to maintain their improved state of health. After your initial examination, you will be given a report of findings where the results from the exam will be discussed, and you will be given recommendations for care.

The techniques we utilize to correct your subluxations are gentle, low force adjusting techniques. They have been chosen because they effectively correct the local, structural subluxations as well as the general subluxation patterns that affect overall function of your nervous system.

We have found that people who understand their care make more informed choices about their care, and respond better. To facilitate your understanding, we provide several different opportunities for you to learn about chiropractic and your health in general. If x-rays are taken, you will see, as part of your report of findings, an introductory video tape that gives you the background information needed to better understand the information you will receive in your report. The office also has a lending library, with many different books on different health-related topics as well as chiropractic. There are also many different and informative pamphlets on various aspects of chiropractic care available for you to take home and read.

The most important resources for learning more about your specific health questions are the doctor and staff. Ask as many questions as you need answered; answering them is an essential part of our work with you.

Dr. Knight is a preferred provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield.